2014 Bimota DB11 - front

2014 Bimota DB11

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota is well known for the creation of art on two wheels, starting from the design, performance, handling, using high – quality components. Now is the DB11 model with a new fresh style where under the carbon shell hides rights beast.
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Johammer J1 - front

Johammer J1 – Electric Motorcycle

Something new appeared on the motorcycle market and comes from Austria called Johammer J1. This is quite unusual electric motorcycle compared to other electric motorcycles, extravagant design and reminiscent of a snail.
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2014 Bimota DB8 SP - front

2014 Bimota DB8 SP

2014 Bimota DB8 SP superbike who possesses exceptional driveability, contains an unusual appearance with unique technical solutions radiates charisma that can recognize even those who do not understand too much in motorcycles.
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2014 Honda NC750S - front1

2014 Honda NC750S

For 2014 Honda has introduced a new NC750S motorcycle, which is an upgrade of the platform model NC700X. It is characterized by continued aggressive appearance, with excellent performance and verified the reliability, designed for every lover of naked models.
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SWITX SX 10 - front

New Collection 2014 of NEXX

Portuguese manufacturer NEXX presented a collection for the 2014th year, which is as always very diverse. NEXX brand is globally known for its superior quality helmets, comfort and functionality, with the original design and for many there is an acceptable price.
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2014 KTM 1190 RC8 R - front

2014 KTM 1190 RC8 R

The 2014 KTM 1190 RC8 R is attractive, has a very modern design so that its silhouette leaves little doubt about what kind of motorcycle does. New KTM will not be able to be replaced with another motorcycle when next you pass even in sixth gear.
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2014 Honda Shadow Phantom - front

2014 Honda Shadow Phantom

New Honda Shadow Phantom undoubtedly attracts attention, raw, stripped down and ready for a ride that shows all its quality compared to other cruisers. The unique style and aggressiveness that provide black spoked wheels, dual exhaust pipes, combined with the gunfighter seat and bobbed fenders.
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Airoh Aviator 2.1 Carbon - front

2014 Airoh Aviator 2.1 Carbon

New Airoh Aviator 2.1 Carbon is really lightweight off – road helmet that now brings a new ventilation system and unique shape with designed to flow air with minimal drag.
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Alpinestars Tech-Air - front

Alpinestars Tech – Air overalls

MotoGP Riders of the season using Alpinestars overalls, who have at their disposal a new generation of Tech – Air technology. New Tech – Air system of airbag has 8 times the volume and covers a larger area of the body.
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2015 Victory Gunner - front

2015 Victory Gunner – Wallpapers

American manufacturer Victory has a strong reputation so that every model that comes out of their plants in Minnesota, has the effect of which will astound every hedonist, it has now come 2015 Victory Gunner.
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