New Horex VR6 - front

New Horex VR6

As a very sound brand Horex come under the new owner of 3C Carbon Group, however, better days are ahead for this motorcycle. The latest information is that largely comes renewal VR6 model.

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New Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin - front1

New Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

As the so far assumed a new Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L will not have a V2 engine, has a parallel twin, which has a new design engine with unicam valve train, instead of the current solutions with two overhead camshafts.

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AGV AX-8 Naked Carbon - front

AGV AX-8 EVO Naked Carbon helmet

It has an innovative and even aggressive design, which contains exceptional technical characteristics, and when it will satisfy a wide range of riders, AGV AX-8 EVO Naked Carbon helmet is altogether unique in every way.

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Zec00 - front1

Zec00 Electric motorcycle

The first idea is appeared about three years ago as a concept and is now officially ready for production but only in 49 units. This is a Japanese product as if it came out of a SiFi movie or a book, and it is likely to attract buyers of motorcycles in already the crowded motorcycle market. Introducing electric motorcycle called Zec00.

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AGVizor - front

New AGVizor for helmet

Here’s another of the many products the company AGV which brings great benefits to drivers who use their helmets and it is AGVisor.

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Old-Jack AGV-DIESEL helmet - front

New Old-Jack AGV-DIESEL helmet

The well-known Italian specializing company AGV which always keeps up with the times and technology is now in cooperation with DIESEL company launched a very interesting model helmet called Old-Jack.

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2015 Yamaha NMAX - front

2015 Yamaha NMAX

Designed for urban driving and at the same time allows the athletic side where the driver will enjoy every moment spent at NMAX Yamaha motorbike. It boasts impressive performance and low fuel consumption, which is very important urban drivers.

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Yamaha EC-03 - front

Yamaha EC-03

Brand new friendly attitude, although thin seems to be the wind blow from the road Yamaha EC-03 simply represents all its features and intent of what is designed. Urban, low energy, zero-emission gas, combined with top-notch features.

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Indian Black Bullet Scout - front

New Indian Black Bullet Scout

Indian Motorcycles have a rich tradition, although recent generations is very possible that they are not familiar or don’t have a excessive knowledge. Brief review of the earlier (2013) Jeb Scolman from his workshop presented Spirit of Munro model that had installed the latest engine ThunderStroke 111 and tested on well-known Bonneville Salt Flats.

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2015 Honda SFA Concept - front

2015 Honda SFA Concept

It is a little stale news of which I am writing now but still worth mentioning, and that is a concept that has attracted the attention of a lot of the motorcycle show in Osaka in Japan, Honda SFA Concept. It is a nice streetfighter from 150cc, based on the engine mounted on the CB150R that offered in Indonesia.

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