2013 Honda PCX 150

2013 Honda PCX 150 - front left

Scooters why have them, plain buying them as their first engines to learn driving and also are good for a quick trip to the store or markets, are not so dynamic and comfortable as big motorcycles, cargo space is usually less, under the seat that can fit just little things. In addition to Honda PCX 150.




Honda PCX 150 is an upgrade PCX 125 The engine of 152.9 cc with a liquid-cooled, single cylinder four-stroke with Honda’s PGM-FI fuel injection. New PCX 150 has improved combustion and air intake – the final result of all these optimization and upgrading of the consumption of around 2.8 liters per 100 km. If the engine is running in place for up to three minutes of stopping himself, it is restarted by simply turning the throttle. The Honda guarantee that that system does not overload the battery.

2013 Honda PCX 150 - right side

The handling is much more stable at higher speeds. At the same time, the narrow tires and low center of gravity make the PCX150 extremely nimble, yet still able to confidently hold its line on fast, sweeping turns. Since there is such a small turning circle is great for the city because it really has no equal – swivel as the smallest city scooter is just dynamic. The ergonomics were comfortable, and wind protection was reasonable. With the design, PCX 150 is very recognizable. Large headlights, chrome plated ”motto” wheel and a modest but effective, windscreen will keep you noticed. Shorter riders will have no trouble standing flat-footed at stop lights.

2013 Honda PCX 150 - left back

PCX150 offers typical scooter features like fourteen inch wheels at either end, and 220mm front disc brake linked to a rear drum, both a sidestand and a centerstand, and 25 liter underseat storage along with a small 1.5 liter glovebox up front.

2013 Honda PCX 150 - under seat

Instrumentation is pretty basic, but very legible and includes a fuel gauge.

2013 Honda PCX 150 - dashboard

Anyone interested in fun, economical, concerned about the environment (your wallet) and practical motoring would be a logical candidate.

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