2013 Yamaha XV1900A Midnight Star

XV1900A Midnight Star 2013- front

Those seeking a stylish cruiser this is a chance to know him better and it’s unbelievable XV1900A Yamaha Midnight Star. Immediately draws attention to itself with its beauty and classic design that creates a beautiful cruise the streets and roads. It is very maneuverable and comfortable especially with impressive torque.


Powerful cruiser got a new sliding clutch reinforced power-assisted and thus obtain a more precise and nicer gear changes to lower – unconcerned. Midnight Star as far as the engine remained intact with a modified suspension setup. The engine is a well-known air-cooled, four-stroke, two-cylinder V at 48 degrees, two balancing shafts, two overhead camshafts moving chain, four-valve, fuel injection 43 mm, regulated catalytic converter, five-speed gearbox, the final transfer belt. It is the expression of smooth speed and persuasive power. The characteristic of this 1,854 cc engine is direct and immediate feeling of power. The engine delivers a maximum power of 66.4 kW (90.3 hp) at 4,750 rpm and 155.1 Nm (15.8 kg-m) of torque at 2,500 rpm.

XV1900A Midnight Star 2013- right side

Engineering mastery is reflected in the stylized cylinders with big cooling fins. Each cylinder has 20 ribs and each is specially treated so that it gives a very beautiful effect. There are two spark plug per cylinder. Fuel tank capacity is 16 liters.

XV1900A Midnight Star 2013- dashboard

XV1900A has broad, “pull-back” control provides a comfortable ride because you have the feeling that your hands get tired on it. Together with a low seat and a long foot-rests contributions comfortable driving position.

And so as you drive through the endless comfort is very important and the Midnight Star is so stylized that eliminates vibration with balancers that are on both sides of the engine.
No less attention does not show well done 12-spoke cast aluminum wheels that provide a refined and sophisticated style, to ensure a smooth transition of power.

It’s an expression of smooth speed and thrusting power.

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