Mini Scooter E Concept - front

MINI Scooter E Concepts

MINI Scooter E Concepts is a retro – futuristic scooter and the work of traditional MINI design where the right plan typical large tachometers and oval mirrors, pled last lights and chrome details.

The three MINI Scooter E Concepts will come in three unique colors , including ones that will bear the same finish as that of the MINI E electric car . Reaches maximum speed of 50 km / h making it the class to 50cc scooters. Reaching autonomy to 100 km with one battery charge. There is also the possibility of installing a lithium – ion battery, use an electric motor built into the rear wheel, which would be filled bushings that can retract and pull out as needed.

Mini Scooter E Concept - left side

Making E Scooter Concept is best suited for environmental benefits without harmful gas emissions as well as able to be used in a modern variant of large crowds of traffic, from home to work and back as a complement to a simple connector on the side also offers seats for up to two people. But information on whether and when it will appear in the production is still missing.

Mini Scooter E Concept - tree

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