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2014 Mission R - front

2014 Mission R/RS – Wallpapers

Mission Motors has shown that it can make an ideal combination between electric powertrains and motorcycle engineering and made a remarkable electric racing superbike called Mission R. There is another model of Mission RS, which has a very small differences in equipment packages. Incoming search terms:ホンダcb1100レース仕様壁紙

2014 Zero DS - front

2014 Zero DS

The 2014 Zero DS possesses the most advanced technology, it comes with a number of improvements, with exceptional looks, compact, efficient and powerful with good maneuverability, which is equal for driving to the rough off-road and on the asphalt. Incoming search terms:elektrikli motorsiklet en iyi

Qoros eBIQE Concept - front1

Qoros eBIQE Concept

Qoros is the auto show in Geneva presented and one motorcycle under the name eBIQE Concept. This functional solution is primarily intended for modern users, recreationists, for everyday use. Incoming search terms:qoros ebiqeスズキ 電動スクーター 最高時速60キロ

Tryton MM2 - front

Tryton MM2 Concept

Tryton MM2 concept is electric motorcycles which is designed Vil Tsimenzin from Boston, where he combined an aggressive style and elegance. Incoming search terms:fz6r スペックMM2 Trytontryton mm2 electric motorcycle price

2014 Zero FX - front

2014 Zero FX

2014 Zero FX now comes with a more aggressive front end, which has less weight, greater strength which allows very fine control to the off – road and on city streets with a good driver comfort as well as improved braking. Incoming search terms:2014 zero fxreview 2014 zero fxYZF-R125 2014 倒立フォークzero fx reviewzero fx バイクZERO […]

Kiwami - front

Terra Motors – Kiwami

Terra Motors is a company based in Tokyo, which is engaged in the development and production of electric motorcycles at two and three wheels. At the 2014 Auto Expo , which is still ongoing , Terra Motors Corporation introduced its electric sports motorcycle, which is completely handcrafted called Kiwami.

2014 Lit Motors C-1 - front

2014 Lit Motors C-1

Nowadays in big cities all fighting for a parking space, preserving the environment and reducing harmful emissions, and therefore many companies and individuals as patenting various means of transportation that should neutralize much if not at least to a considerable extent, reduce problems, so and with the electric motor called Lit Motors C – 1. […]

Yamaha PES1 Concept -front

2014 Yamaha PES1 Concept

The company Yamaha’s last year at the Tokyo Motor Show, presented its popular new green concept called PES1 where there is a fully functional copy of an electric motorcycle. Incoming search terms:motorrad yamaha 2014東京モーターショー2014 yamahayamaha pes1 özellikleriyamaha pes 1motores de moto en 2014未発表電動ヤマハ バイクヤマハ 電動自転車ヤマハ コンセプト バイク 2014ヤマハ pes1دراجات ‏Yamaha ‎‏ الكهربائية

Voxan Wattman - front

Voxan Wattman

Voxan is a French brand that was after a long time at the Paris Motor Show unveiled its new electric motorcycle called Wattman. Wattman is currently the fastest electric motorcycle on the open market. Incoming search terms:voxan motorcyclesvoxan wattmanwattman motorcycleدراجة نارية بطارياتパリモーターショー VOXANモトグッチ カスタム 240タイヤ

Mini Scooter E Concept - front

MINI Scooter E Concepts

MINI Scooter E Concepts is a retro – futuristic scooter and the work of traditional MINI design where the right plan typical large tachometers and oval mirrors, pled last lights and chrome details. Incoming search terms:دراجات الكهربائية المستقبليةما معنى سكوترmini scooter e conceptmotor scooter concept 2014