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2015 Honda Forza 125 - front

2015 Honda Forza 125

You could say a little unexpected, but company Honda has recently announced details of a brand new scooter to a next season and that is Forza 125 elegant and dynamic representative of the modern generation of scooter that offers much more than any other, and their class and even comfort than some maxi scooters.

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2014 BMW C 650 GT - front

2014 BMW C 650 GT

The new BMW C 650 GT, a remarkable scooter that easily overcome all the city’s challenges and, if necessary, have the ability to show and the open road. Since belongs to the class of Maxi scooter possesses an impressive performance, offers the biggest storage volume in its class.
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2013 Piaggio BV350 - front

2013 Piaggio BV 350

Agile, perfect for city traffic thanks to its small size, this maxi scooter can be parked in a small space, which is in a very important and difficult to find in the city. Quite comfortable with plenty of storage places new Piaggio BV 350 represents a new benchmark in the maxi scooter models.
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2013 BMW C evoluation scooter - front

2013 BMW C Evolution e-Scooter

Worldwide sovereign technology is the day all the more prosperous and motorcycle manufacturers are racing who will do a better, more comfortable, with higher performance and also to reduce the emission of harmful gases. Of course this is reflected in the replacement of internal combustion engines due to the growing oil crisis. Thus, the BMW began to develop an electric-powered motorcycle and one of the models is C evolution Scooter.
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BMW C600 Sport 2013 - front

2013 BMW C600 Sport

Bavarians have managed to make a very good maxi scooter. Of course, BMW’s engineers when they create always starting from scratch. So nothing is otherwise not in this case. The C 600 Sport offers excellent handling and a supreme drive system. The striking design in characteristic BMW style will be sure to attract attention in the city.
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